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While not a native San Antonian, I moved to Spurs City in 2003.  I had the choice of moving to several other Texas cities.  A weekend of touring San Antonio's non-tourist spots made it clear that this was the perfect place to raise a family.  While it ranks of one of the most populated cities in the US, it still has a small town feel.  When I smiled at people in stores, on sidewalks, and in elevators, they smiled back!  This convinced me to choose to move and I've never looked back.

I began my legal career here in San Antonio working in the insurance defense area representing individuals in auto accidents and construction cases.  I moved to the other side several years later, advocating for those injured in automobile accidents and other personal injury cases.  I learned to represent small businesses in their legal disputes and helped form small business entities. 

I moved on to my passion, family law, over 10 years ago.  I realized that the majority of cases filed in Bexar County involve family related matters.  My goal for each client is to listen to their concerns and help parents find the best solution for their family and children.  I help my clients think outside of the box, find solutions to problems, and create a method to positively co-parent with their partners.

As judge, I hope to translate my out of the box thinking to the bench while applying the law to each case.  Because I have experience in multiple specialties of law, I will come to the bench with considerable experience.  This experience will translate to benefits to YOU.

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